Santre's concept of sustainability

For the love of our planet

At Santre, we are aware that each individual can contribute to making the Earth a better place. We want to do our part and respect the nature that surrounds us by using mainly sustainable materials and avoiding polluting products as much as possible.

For us, the concept of sustainability begins with what we serve on the plate: we favour fresh and seasonal ingredients from local farmers and suppliers. At breakfast, we serve only homemade and not pre-packaged foods; at dinner, the salad buffet is orderly and proportionate, without exceeding in quantity to turn into waste if not consumed. In addition, we have a selection of dedicated foods for our vegan guests.

Throughout Santre there are furnishings made by South Tyrolean craftsmen with quality materials; in the rooms, LED lighting ensures lower electricity consumption.

A further initiative aimed at respecting the environment concerns the equipment of the rooms and, in particular, the South Tyrolean body care products without plastic bottles by Team Dr Joseph. To avoid wasting paper, we write down the communications for guests on a blackboard. As for the natural bathing pond in the garden, it has its own ecosystem and does not require chlorine.

Finally, by choosing an electric vehicle, we put less exhaust fumes into the air and take another step forward towards a greener world. To enable you too to recharge your electric car, we have provided 10 charging stations.

All those who forgo the car and reach us by train can enjoy a 5% discount on their stay.

The Santre is currently in the process of developing a sustainability certificate from the Terra Footprint Institute.

Because we love what we do