Santre's concept of sustainability

For the love of our planet

At Santre, we are aware that each individual can contribute to making the Earth a better place. We want to do our part and respect the nature that surrounds us by using mainly sustainable materials and avoiding polluting products as much as possible.

In this regard, we are proud to have obtained the GSTC® and IDM-Sustainability certificate, which represents a further and important step forward towards the sustainability of the hotel.

GSTC® Certificate
The Global Sustainable Tourism Council is the world's leading organisation committed to the promotion of sustainable tourism, which aims to support destinations on their path to greater social and environmental responsibility.

IDM's South Tyrol Sustainability Label
Based on the criteria established by the GSTC, an internationally recognised sustainability label has been developed in the province of Bolzano. We are proud to announce that the Santre has been awarded with the third and highest level.

Regional suppliers

For us, the concept of sustainability begins with what we serve on the plate: we favour fresh and seasonal ingredients from local farmers and suppliers. At breakfast, we serve only homemade and not pre-packaged foods; at dinner, the salad buffet is orderly and proportionate, without exceeding in quantity to turn into waste if not consumed. We also have a selection of dedicated foods for our vegan guests.

Green energy

Throughout Santre there are furnishings made by South Tyrolean craftsmen with quality materials; in the rooms, LED lighting ensures lower electricity consumption. For our energy supply, we procure sustainable electricity from the municipal utility company of Bressanone. In addition, we use a certified energy efficiency management system. We utilize it to monitor and control all of our energy on an ongoing basis and reducing thereby our consumption and CO2 footprint.

Ecological detergents

For the daily cleaning of Santre, we rely on products that are not only effective, but above all respectful of the health of people and the environment. So we only use detergents certified with the Ecolabel mark... And nature thanks us.

Naturally plastic free beauty products

It is very important that the skin breathes well and is treated with natural products. At Santre, high-quality body care products from the South Tyrolean company Vitalis Dr Joseph are available in plastic-free containers. The products of the spa lines by Rhea and Dr. Boos are also certified to guarantee the highest quality.

Bulletin board with activities

At the reception area, you will find a large bulletin board with the programme of activities, which performs two functions: it informs you about the unmissable weekly appointments and avoids the consumption of unnecessary paper. Also, by taking part in excursions with our guide Alexander, you can receive some tips on the correct behaviour to adopt in the mountains.

Organic swimming pond

Our garden features a swimming pond with its own ecosystem, thanks to a biofilm cultivated in specific gravel surrounding the pool. This self-sustaining environment eliminates the need for chlorine. Enhanced by energy-efficient pumps, the water circulates constantly, providing optimum conditions for both summer relaxation and winter ice bathing. We're proud to have secured third place in the 2023 Pondy Award competition.


We are keenly aware of how essential bees are to our ecosystem, so we have built a little house for them, allowing them to come and go freely. Currently, we estimate the presence of around 200,000 bees, which not only pollinate flowers and plants but also produce an incredibly sweet honey. It's a delicacy that we'd like you to taste, and we're giving away a small jar (while supplies last) to our guests as a souvenir of your holiday.

Electric mobility

Our two electric minibuses release less exhaust fumes into the air: another step forward towards a greener world. We have installed ten charging stations to allow you to recharge your electric car.

Finally, all those who give up the car and reach us by train can benefit with a direct booking from a 5% discount on the price of their stay. Please let us know at the reception desk.

Together, everything is possible

South Tyrol is an area rich in traditions and customs, and it is where we were born and raised. This drives us to support our local associations with donations, so that our cultural identity can be preserved for a long time.

Our team

At Santre, we care about offering jobs to local people. We support our employees in professional development by providing continuous training courses. What’s more, our team contributes to active environmental protection, for example by going to the hotel using public transport or by carpooling.

Let's help each other

The small actions have a biggest impact in the long term. Below you will find a list of things you can do during your stay to contribute to protecting the environment:


  • Bring your own slippers from home 
  • Do not waste water
  • Don't use too many towels in the sauna
  • Request a change of sheets only if really necessary
  • Try our vegan menu
  • Travel by train and benefit from a 5% discount on the cost of your stay
  • Drink quality water in your room, without buying unnecessary plastic bottles
Because we love what we do