Drops of hot indulgence

Steam it up

Healthy for the body, revitalizing for the mind. Come in our adults-only area and enjoy your perfect sauna and steam bath experience. We have a Finnish panoramic sauna, a herbs and mud sauna! Our saunas are literally hot spots, so be sure to check our event calendar. We regularly offer aromatic infusions, as well as event and relaxation infusions. Of course you can find a very classic sauna experience here as well, if that’s what you want. You could even enjoy a peeling in our steam bath, should you be so inclined. Please note that our adults-only area is a nude area. There is also a dress-on sauna, in an area where it is possible to enter in costume. Once you’re done with your sweating for the day, you can hop under the outdoor showers or jump into the cold water pool. It’s like you’re being reborn!

Finnish Sauna

The classic sauna is a must in any wellness setting. With high temperatures between 85 and 95°C (185-203°F) and low humidity, the Finnish sauna offers regular themed infusions (Aufguss) with different sauna masters.

Herbal Clay Sauna

Pleasantly earthy, the herbal clay sauna creates a unique ambiance where humidity is regulated by the clay walls. The delightful scent of clay combined with various herbs adds to the atmosphere.

Steam Sauna

Hot yet soothing steam envelops the body in the steam sauna. With relatively lower temperatures ranging from "just" 40 to 55°C (104-131°F), it's the high humidity of almost 100% that induces sweat. Essential oils added to the steam create a soothing experience for the respiratory system. Special scrubs also pamper the skin, leaving it soft as silk.

Cold Plunge Pool

The best thing after a sauna session is cooling off in the cold plunge pool. Slowly immerse yourself in the cold water, feeling the pleasant contrast between hot and cold. During the warmer months, you can also cool down in the natural bathing pond in the mythic.garden.

Textile Sauna

In our textile sauna in the pool area, things are not as hot. Here, you can sweat it out comfortably at around 60°C (140°F) while clothed, allowing your thoughts to drift away.

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