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Ready for a feeling of pure rebirth?

Pamper your body and soul with regenerating treatments featuring beneficial elements of the nature surrounding us, and expert practices from the world in the Relaxing massages accompanied by the aroma of essential oils of alpine herbs, mud and seaweed packs, beauty rituals for him and her, and much more. Contact our professionals to find the treatment that best suits your needs… and may well-being be with you!


Novelty for your face

My Skinetic

Achieving skin revitalization is made possible through the synergy of innovative technologies and powerful cosmetics. Drawing inspiration from aesthetic medicine, this treatment addresses signs of aging by reducing wrinkles, plumping features, promoting an even skin tone, and refining facial contours. Further information can be found in the section "Facial and Beauty Treatments".

Signature Treatments
  1. Violet Smile:Face and neck treatment that includes: rose incense purification, scented hot pack, facial cleansing, stimulation of the energy points of the face; head neck and facial massage with harmonizing rose oil and Bressanone quartz phyllite, personalized final ritual. 50 min. | € 105
  2. Rocky Relax:Total body relaxing treatment that includes: deeply calming smoke treatment with South Tyrolean mountain herbs, warm foot pack, relaxing full body massage with Bressanone quartz phyllite and juniper and thyme essential oil; de-stiffening massage with Tyrolean fossil oil tonic. 75 min. | € 155
  3. My Regeneration:Regenerating back treatment that includes: purifying smoke treatment with South Tyrolean mountain herbs, de-stiffening back massage with Bressanone quartz phyllite and pine and rosemary essential oil, hot oil shale pack to relieve muscle tension, followed by a massage with Tyrolean fossil oil tonic. 50 min. | € 105
Body and Mind
  1. Body Exfo:Peeling with a smoothing effect for the skin, stimulating for the muscles, draining and detoxifying for the tissues. Includes: gentle wash with cleansing mousse, specific complex serum, complete peeling and final treatment. 50 min. | € 95
  2. Body Black:Black mud treatment that detoxifies, purifies, decongests heavy legs and hydrates. Includes: gentle wash with cleansing mousse, specific complex serum, refreshing and at the same time warming activator spray, activated carbon mud and nourishing cream. 75 min. | € 120
  3. Thalasso Therapy:Stimulating algae treatment which absorbs tissue fluids, prevents cellulite, smoothes and firms the skin and stimulates the formation of collagen. 75 min. | € 120
  4. PH Shape Therapy:Cosmetic carboxytherapy improves the supply of oxygen deep into the tissues, aids activation of the metabolism in the connective tissue, shapes, detoxi- fi es and tones. Ideal for combating circulation problems and water retention. 75 min. | € 120
To rediscover inner and outer well-being
  1. Bespoke full-body massage to relieve muscle tension using an oil with a natural fragrance of your choice. 50 min. | € 89
  2. Back, head and neck massage 45 min. | € 82
  3. Draining massage for abdomen and legs 50 min. | € 82
  4. Back and foot massage 50 min. | € 89
Special massages
  1. Gentle massage:with herbal sachets and mountain aromas from South Tyrol: for an activating, detoxifying, revitalizing and regenerating effect. 75 min. | € 140
  2. Alpine style Lomi Lomi Nui:Hawaiian massage with specific essential herbal oil, accompanied by the sounds of the Alps 75 min. | € 140
  3. Intensive and relaxing back ritual:which includes: hot roll manoeuvres, cupping and deep tissue massage with arnica balm 50 min. | € 92
  4. Stone pine massage:anti-stress and stimulating, performed with natural elements and warm pine wood oil. It relaxes the muscles, imparts a feeling of revitalizing well-being and has a particularly benefi cial effect on tight connecti- ve tissue, especially after sports activity. 50 min. | € 89
  5. Gentle f-body massage:with tissue-strengthening almond oil, suitable for pregnant women 50 min. | € 89
Facial and Beauty Treatments
  1. Total Regenerating Skin:Revitalizing and personalized beauty ritual that nourishes, regenerates, tones and deeply hydrates the skin. Includes: brief relaxing back massage, skin anal- ysis, cleansing, customized Skin Complex Booster, peeling according to skin type, deep cleansing, oxygen treatment or facial massage, stimulating mask and fi nishing treatment. 80 min. | € 145
  2. Eye Zone:Specifi c treatment for the stressed eye area with a draining action, for under eye dark circles, anti-wrinkle, stimulating for microcirculation and revitalizing effect. 40 min. | € 72
  3. Face and Mind:Deeply relaxing and personalized treatment according to your skin type. Offers intensive skin renewal, replenishes moisture deposits and includes a special eye contour treatment. It starts with a brief back massage, then moves on to: skin analysis, cleansing, targeted skin complex, renewing acid peeling, mask with seaweed, eye treatment, massage and final personalized ritual. 110 min. | € 162
  4. Special Sense treatment:for particularly sensitive skin. Soothing, restorative and particularly delicate. The dermatologically tested formulation of Sense prod- ucts is ideal for treating redness, irritation, dryness and irritation of the skin. 50 min. | € 98
  5. Natural Beauty:Gentle facial treatment that smoothes, refreshes and brightens the skin and soothes all the senses. Nourishing and calming, based on natural products specific for each type of skin. Includes: cleansing, skin analysis, natural peeling, massage and facial mask and final 50 min. | € 98
  6. Natural Beauty:80 min. | € 118
  7. My Skinetic: Achieving skin revitalization is made possible through the synergy of innovative technologies and powerful cosmetics. Drawing inspiration from aesthetic medicine, this treatment addresses signs of aging by reducing wrinkles, plumping features, promoting an even skin tone, and refining facial contours.
    Includes cleansing, ultrasound for exfoliation and oxygenation, micro photo stimulation for revitalization, ionophoresis to deliver active ingredients deep into cells, and a manual lifting massage for a relaxed and uniform complexion. 50 min. | € 115 
  8. My Skinetic: 80 min. | € 155
Additional treatments
  1. Eyebrow shaping 20 min. | € 20
  2. Eyebrows and / or eyelash tinting 25 min. | € 25
  3. Upper lip and chin waxing 15 min. | € 15
  4. Eyelash lifting: natural curve and intense colour, for a sharp and luminous look 50 min. | € 85
Quick Spa
  1. Manicure with brief hand massage, enzymatic peeling and optional application of nail polish 50 min. | € 65
  2. Semi-permanent nail polish application 80 min. | € 90
  3. Make-up application for the day or the evening 30 min. | € 45
  4. Pedicure with or without nail polish 50 min. | € 75
  5. Semi-permanent nail polish application 80 min. | € 90
Beauty Classics

​​​​​Trinity Waxing

  1. Face 20 min. | € 20
  2. Whole legs 50 min. | € 60
  3. Half leg 25 min. | € 30
  4. Underarms 20 min. | € 22
  5. Bikini area partial 30 min. | € 25
  6. Bikini area total 30 min. | € 38
  7. Chest 45 min. | € 45
  8. Back 45 min. | € 45
Beauty Packages
  1. Gentlemans Spa:Total Regeneration Skin facial treatment, manicure, back massage and intensive back massage 180 min. | € 270
  2. All in One:Facial treatment by Dr. Barbara Boos, Mani Pedi 150 min. | € 215
  3. Babymoon:Total Regeneration skin facial treatment, manicure with nail polish, massage for pregnant women 180 min. | € 260
Exclusive Treatments
  1. Realignment of the spine:a gentle method of treatment, which without any manipulation of the skeleton, can promote the regeneration and straightening of the spine. 90 min. | € 139
  2. Chakra harmonization and basic cleaning:with each treatment, old energy patterns dissolve, allowing the correct energy flow in the body to be restored. 60 min. | € 99
  3. Cleansing the Aura: by working with the energy field, one can release blockages and intensify one's potential so that the soul can express itself in an increasingly free and fulfilling way. 60 min. | € 99
  4. ELISE - Anti-stress technique:creates a bridge between body awareness and the soul. 60 min. | € 99

* These treatments are offered exclusively on Friday.

Individual physiotherapy

50 Min.                                                                                                                                              € 97
75 Min.                                                                                                                                              € 140

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