A natural paradise with a swimming pond

Can you feel the blades of grass tickle your feet? Do you feel the warming power of the sun? Can you seem to touch the peaks with your finger and sense that feeling of freedom and serenity while marvelling over the valley and the alpine landscape? Welcome to our of over 1750 square meters, where feeling good comes naturally. Enjoy our swimming pond and sun loungers: this is not just a place of regeneration during the hot summer days, but a "refuge" to dream and relax your mind.

A holiday within a holiday

While it may not be Eden, our garden offers the perfect setting for blissful relaxation. The carefully arranged sunbeds provide privacy, complemented by round sunbathing sofas. With breathtaking views of Bressanone and the surrounding mountains, alongside an outdoor swimming pool offering inspiration year-round, our garden is a haven for well-being.

A plunge that's good for you

When summer arrives and the sun shines high in the sky, going for a nice swim helps you cool off. Here, the bathing lake in the becomes the best place to take a dip, also given the high quality of the water, free of chlorine and other artificial additives.

Chills of pleasure

In winter, with particularly cold temperatures, the pond transforms into a body of freezing water, where you can slip in for an ice bath offering both physical and mood-enhancing benefits. Afterward, you will feel a strong adrenaline rush

Because we love what we do