We have a big family...

…and you are part of it, too!

Turning a passion into a profession is what the Gollers have been doing for decades. Generation after generation, we carry on the values we believe in, such as welcoming you with warmth and hospitality, working with joy, and with a careful eye on the environment.


We believe that it is from dedication that ideas are born, that lead to the birth of amazing new projects. This is Santre, the perfect fusion between love for the territory

and for the family.

A winning couple! For Albin, the sage of Santre, it is always a pleasure when a relationship with guests turns into true friendship. And we know just where you can find it: at bar.67. The name comes from the year of Albin’s birth. But Sigi is the one who gives the orders, as well as being the queen of the traditional Törggelen. If you are looking for advice and information on excursions, see her; she knows how to help you.

Albin & Sigi

Andy is the eldest of the three brothers, but also a skilled seducer - he learned everything from his father! Young, attractive, poised, a truly gifted sommelier, a connoisseur and expert in everything related to service, hospitality and “bon ton” at the table. After years of experience in the best hotels in Europe, he has now decided to come back and settle in his native land.


Christian is a thoughtful and reserved guy. He doesn't like being in the spotlight; he works better behind the scenes. He carries out original programmes and knows how to keep a cool head in the most varied situations. The reception and the back office are his playground; it is here that he finds his peace, just like his mother Sigi. In fact, one day he will take on this role and has already begun to make plans for the future.


Considered the extravagant one of the trio, Alex is the youngest of the Goller brothers… and it shows! He is a bottomless pit of determination and energy, a lover of action, adrenaline-pumping and exciting activities in the Dolomites. Get ready, because great sensations await you here at your Santre dolomythic home, when he guides your outdoor experiences. He seems to have taken his inexhaustible energy from both of his parents.


Because we love what we do