At Santre, everyone stays in shape

At your best, even on holiday

Explore the various training options available at Santre. Each week, choose from a variety of activities at our hotel to improve your physical fitness and stay active between moments of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Acqua gym

Our activity guide Alexander offers a thirty-minute aqua gym session once or twice a week. Let the music carry you away during this activity that is perfect for all ages.

Abs of steel with a targeted workout

On vacation, strengthen your core in the gym and work on perfecting your posture and reinvigorating yourself. Once or twice a week, our activity guide Alexander offers an intensive twenty-minute workout focused on the abdominal muscles.

Stretching for everyone!

Stretching your muscles is truly relaxing! Whatever your age, we encourage you to try stretching in our gym and enjoy the feeling with a 30-minute session.

Get fit with kick boxing

Quick punches, intense workouts and lots of sweat: these are the components of a kick boxing session. Upon request, you can practice this dynamic discipline in our gym, where you will find all the necessary equipment.

Get active with Tabata

Once or twice a week, you can get fit with an intensive, full-body Tabata workout in our hotel gym.

Personal training just for you

Are you looking for a workout that is tailored specifically to your needs? On request and for a fee, you can book a slot with our personal trainer to help you feel great and stay fit!

In perfect harmony with yoga

This gentle exercise nurtures your body and soul. If you're drawn to its spiritual side, join a meditation session to explore the benefits of this mindful practice.

More stability with Pilates

Once a week, we offer a Pilates session where you can strengthen and stabilize your muscles. During the one-hour training session, suitable for all ages, we place particular focus on the back and abdominal muscles as well as the pelvic floor.

Because we love what we do