Ready for your adventure holiday in Bressanone, South Tyrol?

The place to be for mountain lovers

The Plose – our home mountain and one of the most breathtaking hiking regions in all of South Tyrol! The marvellous panoramic views of the Dolomites is unforgettable. Take the cable car up and reach a paradise at 2000 meters above sea level, it only takes a few minutes. Whether it's hiking or biking, together with our Experience Activity Guide Alexander, or paragliding - the possibilities for activities here are limitless.

Summer love

The walking trails on the Plose, as well as throughout the Isarco Valley, are unforgettable experiences. Do you want to admire the sunrise at the summit? Are you looking for breathtaking panoramic views? You decide, based on your level of preparation, whether to reach a mountain hut, an alpine lake or a peak, nature will accompany you step by step... and it will be love at first sight.



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Up and down by bike

Never deprive a cyclist of his "baby"! At Santre, we propose some itineraries for you to cycle, where you can breathe in the pure mountain air. The variety of routes is multi-faceted and the views are all amazing.



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Via ferrata and climbing

The presence of all these mountains around the hotel will convince the most audacious to climb them... We understand this well and, even better, we encourage you to enjoy every moment in close contact with the rock, in addition to the omnipresent panorama.



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Those who wanna go all the way to the top might want to adjust themselves into a vertical position and enjoy the most exciting climbing experience. Alternatively, you could soar up in a tandem paragliding flight and enjoy spectacular views of lush green landscapes. If you’re looking for a different kind of fun, why not rent a mountain cart and rattle down the mountain?

A dip in the alpine lakes

We South Tyroleans are proud of our wonderful mountain lakes. And have you ever had the opportunity (or the courage) to immerse yourself in one? Their waters are truly fresh and regenerating... exactly what you need after a high altitude excursion!

Pure action with the Plosebob

With the wind against you that ruffles your hair and the emotion that rises inside. Where are we? On board the closed bobsleds, which overcome approximately 150 m of altitude difference, leading from the Plose mountain station towards the valley. Whether you prefer to push on the accelerator or enjoy the view in peace, you will always be safely connected to the Plosebob. To learn more, click here.

Regenerating paths

On hot summer days, there is nothing better than a nice pause to cool off, for example in the Kneipp park in Varna or by dipping your feet in the water of mountain streams.

Nordic walking

Get your circulation going on a Nordic walking outing with activity guide Alexander. He organises a 1.5-hour nature session once a week. This is suitable for all age groups and starts directly at the hotel.

Because we love what we do